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13th Quintessence Periodontics & Reconst
Dr. Cristobal F. Ortiz


Dr. Cristobal F. Ortiz or "Cris" as he prefers to be called is a dentist and one of the most known in the area thanks to his experience in all of the areas related to dentistry such as Dental Materials, Laboratory, Clinical Investigation, Lecturist, University Porfessor; among others, all though he is barely 37 years old, he likes to give 100% everyday, and likes the human and personal touch with every patient, you won't receive a treatment without a smile from Dr.Ortiz. 


Member of International Team of Implantology (ITI).

Member of the American Dental Association.

Cosmetic Dentistry Degree.

Standard Dental Institute - Endodontics.

Seminar for TMJ disorders.

Ozone Therapy for Pain and Oral Desinfection Seminar.

Laser Dentistry Seminar.

Former Professor at University A. of Ciudad Juarez.