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Ilyse Bell, Sierra Vista

I feel blessed to have found Doctor Cristobal Ortiz. He has fixed/replaced a handful of very old fillings and done four, unbelievably pretty, new caps and two veneers on my front teeth. The work is excellent. He is friendly, extremely well educated.

Shannon M, Phoenix

I lost most of my teeth in a car accident two years ago, I felt very bad about myself every time I looked in the mirror, I looked for options to recover my smile with  dental implants but they were too expensive for me, then a relative told me about Dental Artistic.He told me that I could recover my smile at a more accessible price, since the clinic was located in Mexico, and they offered a very good quality. Today I feel free to smile, I owe them a lot, thanks Dental Artistic.

Ryan Smith, Cochise

I hadn’t been to a dentist in 15 yrs because of such a bad experience. I googled dentists in Mexico and found Dr. Ortiz. What a blessing! He performed a root canal and crown and it was absolutely painless. I recovered my self-confidence! Excellent!