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Dr. Cristobal F. Ortiz


Ilyse Bell, Sierra Vista

I feel blessed to have found Dr. Ortiz. He has fixed/replaced a handful of very old fillings and done four, unbelievably pretty, new caps and two veneers on my front teeth. The work is excellent. Dr. Ortiz is friendly, extremely well educated ...

Shannon M, Phoenix

Having grown up with a family dentist in California, and then moving to Arizona, I wasn’t looking forward to finding a new dentist. Dr. Ortiz put all of that to rest! His office is very professional, high tech, friendly and clean. I look forward to my next visit!

Ryan Smith, Illinois

I hadn’t been to a dentist in 15 yrs because of such a bad experience. I googled dentists in Mexico and found Dr. Ortiz. What a blessing! He performed a root canal and crown and it was absolutely painless. The price was incredible...

Dental Artistic 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does The Clinic Accept Insurance?

We do the necesary form so you receive the money of the treatment cost.

Does The Clinic Have Shuttle Service?

Yes, we can pick you up on the cross border and take you back without any aditional cost.

Can I Pay With Credit/Debit Card?

Yes, we adapt the method to bring you ease in your payment.

Where Is The Clinic Located?

Dental Artistic is located in Agua Prieta, Sonora, in the border with Douglas, Az. Adress: 6st 11Av. No. 1098.

Can I Have Your E-Mail Or Phone Number?

For sure!
You can contact us at any time.
E-Mail: dentalartistics@gmail.com
Phone Num. (520) 353 5961 or Toll-Free 1 800 985 1250.

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